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How to Buy

At this moment, we regret that we do not accept any form of online payment.
But the following shopping options are available:

We recommend, you create a user with SHAH M BOOK and add your preferred items to your Wishlist, where you will be able to see an estimate of your total invoice and you will be able to remove/add items to your Wishlist. To access your Wishlist at anytime, simply click on My Wishlist link accessible via next to your username, which is located next to the 'Search' bar at the top of the page.
You will also have the option of buying some of your Wishlist items and saving the rest for a later time.
To proceed with your order, simply check the ‘Buy’ link available in every item of your Wishlist and click on ‘Email us your Wishlist’ link located at the top left of your Wishlist management page and we will get back to you with details of your order and an estimated shipping cost.

Other options are available as you can directly contact us with an inquiry using our Quick Contact Form or email us at

If you are in Afghanistan

Shipping Information

All customers in the capital ‘Kabul’ qualify for ‘Fast & Free Delivery’ on orders over US$99.00. Orders below US$99.00 will be charged with US$10.00 extra delivery charges.

For Customers in other provinces of Afghanistan, we use local transportation systems who will be charged directly by the transport company at the point of delivery, an additional 5% Packing & Forwarding charges will apply on orders less than US$99.00

Payment Instructions

All customers in the capital ‘Kabul’ will be charged in cash on the point of delivery, although a POS (Point Of Sale) machine can be provided on request if you wish to pay with your Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron).

Customers in other provinces of Afghanistan will be instructed for payment procedures after placing an order, depending on province they live.

If you are an International Customer

Shipping information

All international customers will be charged with a 5% ‘Services Tax’ on all orders plus the following shipping charges:

Destination / kg 0.1-0.5 0.5-1 1-5 5-10 10-20 20-30
EU / Russia 30 60 140 240 400 600
North America 30 60 180 320 600 880
South America 30 65 185 360 645 990
Australia / New Zealand 30 65 190 355 640 990
The Middle East / Central Asia 20 40 80 140 240 360
Far East 25 50 130 220 380 560
South Asia 20 40 105 180 340 500
Africa 35 70 190 365 650 980

Payment Instructions

All international customers with orders less than US$500.00, should remit the total invoice amount to us via Western Union Money Transfer.

Bank Checks or Bank Wire Transfer will apply to orders over US$ 500.00